It was the summer of 2015.

I was 25 and had just spent the previous 18 months selling real estate in Sacramento, CA. Despite my success, I felt exhausted and uninspired.

I felt fed up with the grind of high-end sales, hated being tied to my cell phone 24/7, and didn’t find joy in pleasing multimillion dollar investor clients with tough demands.

I also preferred yoga pants to pantsuits! So I decided to take a break, travel the world, and rethink my life direction.

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It was while backpacking through Southeast Asia with my now-husband that I decided to funnel my real estate earnings into something that combined my passion for yoga, my love for education, and my desire to be of service.

It was not easy and the learning curve was immense, but FlowMats was born! (Show me the mats!)


FlowMats is my passion project, not my career. I am a full-time English teacher and find time for FlowMats business in the mornings before work (my favorite time of day!).

Since I do not rely on FlowMats for my livelihood, 100% of net profits are donated directly to the nonprofit mission.

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More than 600 yoga mats have sold to yogis all over the world, thanks to the power of word-of-mouth. (See what they’re all saying here!)

Running a small operation like FlowMats allows me to limit costs and focus on what matters most: provide a quality yoga mat at a competitive price for a good cause. (See what I mean here).


Your FlowMats purchase gives back to the global community.

After all 1,000 yoga mats and 1,500 yoga mat bags are sold, together we will have raised enough money to build a school in northern India for over 1,000 children. This means that #EveryMatHelps educate 1 child out of generational poverty in India.

FlowMats yoga mats are currently available for sale locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and online. I offer free UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

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“Best mat I’ve ever had! Grippy no matter how much I sweat; also very grippy on the floor side – sticks and doesn’t move at all during my practice (not in carpets tho); beautiful and useful sun salutation guidance and color! (I have in it Periwinkle Purple!)

Absolutely worth the money invested – AND over 45% of the profit goes into a beautiful social project in India ♡

couldn’t be happier with mine :)”

Amazon Customer

“this sunflow mat is a Godsend; can throw it down to practice at home and simply follow instructions written on the mat.

what a beautiful concept!”

Stephanie V.