A Year of Manifesting Cool Shit: The WOOP Strategy

One day after I created my “Amazing Shit I’m Manifesting Before 30” list, I got invited to fulfill #6: I am employed as a part-time Health Coach. Once I start my first official day of work, I can cross that off the list.

Not a bad start.

I write these manifestations in the present tense. That’s how the magic happens.

20170920_215932After sharing this list along with my exciting new job opportunity on social media–something not easy to do, especially when “I even shave my legs!” is written like a major life accomplishment–I got to thinking.

What if I didn’t stop at this list?

It’s been less than 24 hours since I created it, but I’m already buzzing with more possibilities.

What if this manifestation thing actually works?

My default is skepticism when it comes to anything remotely spiritual or woo-woo, but what if, just this once, I allowed myself to let go and have undeniable faith in The Universe?

What if, when I fully commit my entire being to my vision, the necessary result is a clear manifestation of it?

That’d make life so much easier. And infinitely cooler.


But to start, I need to refine this list. Break it down. Make a game plan. Wishing for something is only part of the process. Taking actual action and overcoming inevitable obstacles is another.

In positive psychology, there is an evidence-based mental strategy for achieving your goals called WOOP. It stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan. My favorite part about WOOP is that it’s science and it works.

First, you wish for something. This is the fun part. Just wish for the shit you want to manifest. An example of this is the picture of the list above, or the updated list I created here.

Second, you ask yourself why you want this stuff. This is where I currently am. What will having it do for you? Get crystal clear on your Why because it’s the driving force behind your ambition. Wishing for a million dollars is nice, but why do you want a million? Why not one hundred thousand? Or two million? What, specifically, will having one million do for you? This second step is the tough part. You need to really dig deep, down to that basic and primal driving emotional force behind your desire.

Third, start coming up with all the crap that’s going to hold you back, get in the way, and slow you down from achieving your goal. What’s going to make it hard? What challenges and obstacles will you need to face to get where you want?

Fourth, start your game plan. It’s strategizing time. You have your wish, your reason why you want it, and all the things bound to make it tough, but you need your clear path ahead to guarantee you don’t let any of that negative shit from step 3 get in your way of success. Generate your plan for overcoming every single thing you thought of in step 3.

That’s it.

Oh no, wait. One last step.

Obsess like crazy over it.

Read and reread your manifestation list every day, multiple times per day.

Create mantras around it, put it in the present tense, and start to cultivate a sense of gratitude, as if it’s already true for you.

In fact, live like it’s true for you. Fake it til you make it. All that good stuff.

Get really serious and really real about accomplishing everything you’ve set out to do. Because it’s already true for you, it’s hurtling toward you faster than you can imagine, waiting for you. The Universe is conspiring to bring it all together. It’s right there. Can you see it?

Ok, GO!

The hard part is staying the course. This is where I, and maybe you, seem to get lost. Do you get lost here?

I usually quit before I’ve even started.

I’ll literally forget that I’m even trying to accomplish anything.

I get all excited to go, go, go! and then the next thing I know it’s months later and nothing has changed.


Or years later.

Or suddenly I’m almost 30 and still haven’t written that book I told myself I’d write before I turn 25. There is a book in me, damnit, and it wants to be set free!

This is why it’s important to literally write this shit down and post it on your bedroom wall, in front of your bed where you see it every single morning. Post it on your mirror. In your office. On your front door. Make it visible to make it count. Make it your phone screensaver.

Ok, now go!

But before you do… comment below your WOOP for a goal you want to manifest!

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