Health Coach Institute (BHC Program): an honest review


I graduated with a health coach certification from Health Coach Institute (HCI) in October 2017. I completed the Become a Health Coach (BHC) program, beginning in May 2017. I also attended their November 2017 HCI Live event in Dallas, Texas. I also completed part of the HCI “Advanced Nutrition for Health Coaches” training and some of the Life Coach certification training. I did not finish either of those, however, because I am no longer interested in pursuing this as a career. However, I was employed as a health coach and worked with a small handful of private clients, so I do have professional experience to speak from.

This is my honest and personal review of my entire experience with the HCI BHC program, including:

  • Cost and value
  • Accreditation and certification
  • Content- what you learn
  • Skills labs, coaching practice, and success calls
  • Overall learning experience
  • HCI Live event experience
  • Summary of pros and cons

…as well as specific and practical suggestions for those considering a pivot into health coaching. I also include helpful reading suggestions throughout this post for those not yet ready to commit the time or money required to become a certified health coach.

NOTE: If you have any questions or comments about BHC or HCI after reading this post, please leave a comment below and I will answer ASAP, even if by the time you read this it’s been several months or years since I wrote the review. I am very happy to answer any questions or help you make this decision, as I would have loved that guidance when I made the decision. Same goes for my thorough and honest review of the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition certification, which I still get questions and comments on to this day.

Let’s begin!


The total cost of the program is $4,500. They advertise $5,000 but when I signed up there was a $500 discount for paying up front. If something like that doesn’t exist right now and you are interested in completing a certification through Health Coach Institute, use my HCI BHC referral code: 6RFFX4YR. Bottom line: don’t pay full price.

As for the value of the cost: personally, I think it’s not there. The training, which I will get into in greater detail soon, is extremely mediocre and borderline bad at times.

The program lasts 6 months, with content delivered one week at a time, but you can take up to one year to complete it. I finished in 6 months, so I essentially paid $750 per month. Looking back, knowing what I know now, I would have never paid $750 per month for what I received. Keep reading for specifics on that. Please also keep in mind this is all my personal opinion and experience. There are some excellent helpful comments below that share other perspectives.


I graduated in October 2017 (despite the November date they printed on my certification) and it is now January 2018 and I have still not received my hard copy certification in the mail. [update: I finally received the cardstock certification mid-April 2018. It was smaller than a normal piece of paper. The date printed on it was January (the digital copy below says November), about 3 months after I actually graduated]

It took a month after certification before I decided to contact them about this, wondering where it was, and it was then brought to my attention that it was my responsibility to contact them for my certification. They did not automatically send it, even though my account shows that I completed everything. This was super annoying.

The paper doesn’t actually matter though. Neither does their PDF version of the certification, which looks like this:


In the real world, as I have since learned, nobody cares if you have this certification or not. There is currently no law saying you have to be certified to practice as a health coach. It can add some credibility in some circumstances, but like a college degree, nobody is going to ask you to prove that you have it. When I worked as a health coach for a local nonprofit, they verbally asked me if I had gone through any training, I said yes, and that was the end of it.

HCI is accredited by CCE, which adds additional credibility to the training. However, unless you plan to take the exam to become a CPC (Certified Professional Coach), this does not matter either.

With that said, if you are very serious about entering this career and hope to make a living as a coach, it probably doesn’t hurt having the accreditation behind you. But it alone isn’t worth the price tag of this program.


The entire program is 100% online. The program is broken up into 4 “pillars.” Each pillar is further broken up into weeks. There is a multiple choice exam at the end of each pillar. Each exam is excruciatingly easy.

Here is a screenshot of what the online learning environment looks like. All lectures are powerpoint-style slides with a voiceover. If you’re like me and prefer people to get to the point, you can watch all videos in 1.5x or 2x speed. Thank God.

BHC homepage

Pillar 1 is Nutrition for Health Coaches. It is 6 weeks with an additional 1 “bonus week” material.

When I enrolled in BHC, I thought I would learn the actual science behind nutrition. Instead, BHC teaches more about “how” to eat, or “who you are” when you’re eating. Tips like drink water, chew your food, take deep breaths, etc, fill this pillar. Very little actual nutrition information is given. My biggest mistake was probably going into this whole program with high expectations.

One thing I did not like about this pillar (ok, basically everything) was how it also included some straight up pseudoscience. The only dietary theories explored were “Blood Type Theory” (which in my opinion is total bullshit) and some other theory I can’t remember right now, but which was also really stupid.

The entire premise of “nutrition for health coaches” is that there is no one-size-fits-all diet and that everybody is different, so we need to use our intuition to figure out what’s best for our unique body. Beyond that, very little nutrition information was given. I found this very frustrating because they were basically saying it’s ok to eat anything in any quantity, as long as you feel good doing it. Cocaine feels fucking fantastic and you can even lose weight doing it, but that doesn’t make it good for you! However much I agree with the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, their logic was flawed and they should have provided more science and research.

Each pillar comes with a plethora of handouts, some useful and others not. Here is a screenshot of the handouts section, each available in PDF and DOC formats. You can see the titles of some of the handouts. The very gimmicky handouts like “secret 7” and “how to learn 100 dietary theories in 10 minutes” were very silly. So much garbage material here. I did not end up keeping or using any of it. Most of the handouts were fluff.

pillar one handouts

Basically, all the “nutrition” information boils down to a few key bullet points:

  • Eat fat and protein with every meal to keep blood sugar balanced
  • Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and chew your food
  • Drink water
  • Try not to eat a lot of processed food or too much sugar
  • Be nice to yourself and don’t stress

Other than that, you are expected to experiment and figure out what is best for your body. Personally, I think this is a very lackluster nutrition education. Neither of the teachers, Carey and Stacey, is a scientist, dietician, nutritionist, or otherwise really qualified to teach this stuff, so it makes sense that their “science” was rocky at times and they had a slight “woo woo” undertone to most of what they delivered. Personally, that’s just not my style.

Also, for anyone who is plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian, let’s just say you will disagree with most of what they teach. HCI seems to consider ALL diets valid. I find this problematic. (Read my eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification: an honest review)

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with this pillar.

Pillar 2 is Transformational Coaching Skills. Pillar 2 is 14 long weeks, also with “bonus week” material.

Since I already had a pretty strong nutrition background coming into this program, this was the part of BHC that I was most excited about. BHC promises to teach you the psychology of habit change and really focus on the brain science behind why we do what we do and how to “hack” that to get results for our health. It also promises to teach you how to coach. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, BHC did not deliver on any of that (Instead, I recommend you read The Willpower Instinct if this topic interests you). The entirety of pillar 2 was a step-by-step walkthrough of their “90-day Total Transformation” program, a gimmicky program they continually say is what helped Carey build her “six-figure coaching business.”

The done-for-you program would be perfect for someone trying to lose weight who is more of a “feeler” type than “thinker” type. It was very flowery and loaded with manipulative “seeding” marketing crap to try to upsell your client on more services later. Not impressed with that. There were entire sessions whose sole purpose was to coax your client into signing up for more sessions with you, not benefit your client. There was also a lot of weird borderline spiritual shit that just didn’t resonate with me. However, I recommend reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay if you want a strong “mind over matter” perspective on health. That book is amazing.

Pillar 2 is really just “how to deliver session X.” It’s just a bunch of scripts that are sometimes poorly worded, poorly formatted, and completely unrelated to any health concern other than weight loss. The 90-day program is 12 weeks, so we learned 12 scripts. There is also one “Closing The Deal” script, which you deliver before the 90-day program. Its purpose is to sell your services and gain clients. Useful skills, but it shouldn’t have been the bulk of what we learned.

As for the psychology of habit change and neuroscience, those were practically nonexistent as well (Read The Power of Habit for great information on that). Pillar 2 did not go into “how” to coach either. It focused solely on their specific scripts. I’d consider BHC an extremely basic education.

The pillar 2 bonus material was a handy question guide though, which was probably the most (if only) useful handout in the entire program. Here it is, for free:

silver bullet

Those are the basic coaching questions you learn. Pillar 2 can basically be broken down into a few bullet points. None of this was said explicitly (annoying, because in my opinion, explicit info like this would have been very helpful), but it’s more or less what I gathered from the scripts:

  • Don’t ask “why” questions
  • Dig deep with your client–keep asking questions until you get to an emotional trigger
  • Don’t give advice- your client intrinsically knows the answer for themselves
  • Don’t talk about yourself in a session- coaching is all about your client

Pillar 2 was very disappointing, considering it was just a bunch of shitty scripts that only applied to weight loss.

They emphasized how you should listen to your client’s needs though, and go off script when necessary. However, they give no help on how to do that. They don’t actually teach you how to coach or what kinds of questions to ask (other than the handout above, which they didn’t give until the very end AFTER you’d already delivered the 90-day program to your practice clients). Again, they just teach scripts. Lame.

Pillar 3 is Personal Growth. It is 5 weeks long.

This pillar was actually kind of interesting, however, if you’ve ever read any self-help book ever, it was nothing new. Here is a screenshot of the available handouts, which summarize what you learn pretty well:

pillar 3

The problem with pillar 3 was that they talked about overcoming your negative relationship with money a LOT. This is definitely a helpful topic to explore (if it applies to you), but it was very clear what they were doing: seeding you to buy their “Master” program! They even said so, several times, how you should “invest” in yourself by furthering your training. So in my opinion, pillar 3 was like this huge sales pitch for their next level course.

Speaking about that, this is a tactic they used throughout the entire program. They’d say things like “this is a very advanced technique, but you will learn about it in our advanced master training…” Barf.

It got kind of exhausting hearing about how much money Carey made in her “six-figure coaching business” and how we would learn all the “advanced coaching techniques” in their master training. It made the whole program feel very gimmicky, like I’d paid $4,500 for a 6-month sales pitch for a $12k program (a program I obviously did not sign up for because screw HCI).

Pillar 4 is Proven Marketing and Business Systems. It is 6 weeks and optional for graduation.

This turned out to be the best pillar of them all! Here is a screenshot of what you learn in this pillar:

pillar 4

Since I have a strong marketing, business, and sales background, nothing in this pillar was new to me, but I was able to recognize how valuable it is for those who have no business or marketing experience. (Read Wellpreneur if you want modern business/marketing info)

The only annoying thing about it was they kept saying how great it was and how “no other training program teaches you this.” Carey and Stacey are very self-congratulatory people and after 6 months, you really want them to shut the fuck up about it.


Every week of the training, you had to complete a “skills lab” call with another student. You find your skills lab partner either online in the learning portal (I never did this) or in the private Facebook group (this is where most people talked). Each week the skills lab was different and you could work with a different partner if you wanted to.

For the first pillar, the skills labs were more or less conversations about what you’d “learned,” but using awkward scripted coaching-type questions. All skills labs had specific scripts to use. For pillar 2, the skills labs were practicing delivering the 90-day program.

The main problem with the skills labs was that there was no oversight or feedback. So you never knew how you did or where you could improve. I find this very problematic because for 6 months, you practice-coach one another without ever knowing how you’re doing or how you could improve. How could you possibly get better or really learn this way?

In the past, someone from HCI would listen in on your calls and then give you feedback after your lab, but for some reason, they do not offer this anymore. Probably because it costs too much to listen in on 250 calls per week! (There were 500 people in my May 2017 cohort.)

So as for coaching practice, there really isn’t anything in BHC that’s any better than literally talking to a friend.

You do get 8 “success calls” with a “success coach” during the program. I only used 4 of mine because they were that awful. Success Calls consist of you, 3 other students, 1 success coach, and they last 50 minutes. Each person gets 10 minutes to be coached and then gets to hear the other people getting coached. I never found these useful. This was time to get coached on personal stuff, health or life related, or just to be coached through your massive insecurity about being a coach (everyone felt this, including me, because BHC poorly prepared us). But the success calls were too short and too public to really get very far or deep.

Part of the graduation requirement is that you walk 2 practice clients through the 90-Day Total Transformation program, so technically, this is also practice coaching. However, again, there is no oversight or feedback given, and since you only learn scripts and not actually how to coach, these sessions could be very hit or miss!

There were also “Office Hours,” a 2-hour bi-weekly call with Carey and Stacey, where they answer questions live. You may or may not get picked. I stopped listening in after a few months because they never proved useful and the questions from fellow students were stupid, no offense. People would ask about how to use the computer or just complain that they didn’t have time to do everything. There’s nothing worse than listening to someone literally cry about how insecure they feel about themselves (victimizing themselves) or how they have no money (probably the two biggest things people talked about). At first it was interesting and helpful to hear how these concerns were handled, but then it got redundant. I’m just not interested in hearing it over and over and it was not helpful to my development as a coach. (I quickly learned this career path is obviously not right for me!)


Overall, the best thing that came out of my experience is that I “met” someone who is now a very close friend. We have not met in person, but we continue to talk online/phone weekly. So that’s cool. (She is no longer coaching either, and has similar feelings about the program.)

Other than that, the lack of actual teaching and one-on-one time with coaches made the whole experience feel like I was just being herded through a money-making machine for Carey and Stacey. Almost every week, they would “seed” us into their master training program and remind us of how great they are. Very little actual education was provided. It felt gross and I’m a little embarrassed I did this program at all.


To be honest, I left halfway through the first day. The event was a total waste of time and money. It is one huge sales pitch for their master training. I would never recommend this event or go to another one. It was the worst “conference” I have ever been to. Not a SINGLE educational component. You wouldn’t think it possible, but literally the entire thing was a huge scam. Maybe by now, you’re starting to notice this trend about BHC? Yeah. Save your money.



  • 100% online
  • Potentially meet like-minded people in private Facebook group
  • CCE Accredited
  • Short: 6 months, but you have a year to finish
  • You can watch powerpoint videos in double-time (2X) to get it over with!
  • Excellent business and marketing material


  • Nothing is science-backed, or at least no evidence is provided
  • You never learn “psychology of habit change,” as promised
  • You never learn any neuroscience, as promised
  • The “success calls” are the only one-on-one you get, and you just get 10 minutes
  • Expensive at $4,500
  • No one-on-one teaching or oversight
  • All lectures are powerpoint style (YAWN)
  • You never meet your teachers or have actual interaction with them
  • You never get feedback about your coaching from a trained coach
  • You only learn scripts


Save your money. Read Co-Active Coaching (THE BIBLE of coaching books) if you are interested in being a coach. I learned more from that book than I did from the entire 6-months I “studied” with Health Coach Institute. If there is one coaching book to read, it would be that one.

If you are interested in health coaching specifically, then just brush up on your nutrition online as well. For nutrition book ideas, I have a book list you might be interested in. I also completed the much better Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through eCornell, which I review here.

Health coaching is a sales job. Know that going into it. If you plan to have a private practice, you will be selling yourself. Constantly. There’s no way around it. You will also probably not make a lot of money because at the end of the day, hardly anyone hires a personal health coach. And the people who need it most can’t afford it. Keep this in mind. It’s an uphill battle that you can technically win, but for me, the effort just wasn’t worth it.

If you choose to find employment as a health coach, you will be LUCKY to make $40,000 a year with a company (before taxes). The pay is total shit. Prepare for that. I was paid $20 per hour but only given 6 hours per week. And I considered myself lucky to have an actual job doing this.

Have you completed this certification course? What did you think? I would love to hear about your experience! If you have any other questions, post in the comments below and I will answer 🙂

Thanks for reading and best wishes on your journey!

Please remember this is my personal opinion. Many other graduates loved the program, so check out the comments section for other perspectives. Maybe HCI is exactly what you need right now, so I encourage you to gather as many perspectives as you can. Just because it was wrong for me doesn’t mean it’s wrong for everyone.

Namaste 🙂

P.S. For some reason still interested in HCI? Great! I get $500 and you save $750 if you use my referral code! Use my HCI BHC referral code: 6RFFX4YR.


P.P.S. Realized HCI is not right for you and wondering what program might be? I have not done another program, so I cannot personally recommend one (and I’ve heard mixed reviews on IIN). However, my sister is also a coach and went through a program called iPEC. She can’t speak highly enough about it, and after being coached by her, I can say I was totally impressed with her skills right out school. I’m more than happy to put you in touch with her if you want to ask her some questions. Contact me here or comment below and I’ll put you in touch 🙂


Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

183 thoughts on “Health Coach Institute (BHC Program): an honest review

  1. I can not tell you how happy I came across this. I am former teacher….huge burn out after nearly 23 years. I am looking for something new and this is something I was interested in, since I had gone through my own lifestyle change learning about proper nutrition, exercise, self care etc. I found out about HCI through a friend of a friend…who went through the entire course such as you. I am going to talk with her tomorrow, however my mind is made up…NOT going to happen. I loved your details you provided to back up your conclusions you made. The presentation sounds awful and horrible for this day and time. I can not get over this is conducted without any feedback or oversight as you stated. Luckily, I was discussing this program this morning with my therapist, and she posed some great thoughts, and I am so glad I continued to search, and eventually come across your review. I watched a live coaching webinar last night, it was very up lifting, however it was leaving me with that empty feeling that , it did not go into detail about a lot of things. I noticed that the topic/question posed by one of the viewers in regards to starting up clients and making money…they glossed it over with…”it is such a personal decision and an individual success to put into words” I also found it odd that the person presenting, would never get into detail of how many people they had on their 90 day plan, 60 day plan…etc. If I were presenting and being successful, I would have no trouble telling someone exactly what was occurring in my business to provide more insight to those viewing. It is a shame it is a scam and such low quality. I even sent a text to my “clarity coach” saying that for now I am not comfortable with making such a quick decision to start a program like this on Nov.5, 2018. I told her I would reach out in the future about possible new cohorts, but I do not make quick decisions. I’m very thankful for you to share your pain and honesty with the rest of the world, to save the rest of us from making the same mistake.

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    • Hey Jay! Wow, thanks for your comment! I am so happy you found my review. Your gut feeling about the vague sales pitch was right on point. Hopefully you won’t have issues beating off the clarity coach, for lack of a better term. HCI has a fierce marketing strategy and they won’t let up. They were actually still calling me up until a month or so ago, when I had to demand they remove me from their campaign! I still get the occasional email too, no how many times I unsubscribe.


  2. Hi Ash and Lyndsey!
    I am very grateful for your review! You have helped alot of people!!!! I have been researching different programs including the one from HCI. My gut was always telling me that most of these programs are a money grab. I know IPEC is legit as my Life coach received her training there. I am Canadian and it costs $15k. Really big investment for me. DOo you have a life coach business Lyndsey? Do you have clients? I really want to pursue this but I am fearful it is not a lucrative business.

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    • Hi Silvia! For some reason Lyndsey’s comment isn’t posting. She’s been trying for the last 2 days and WordPress keeps spitting it back. Contact me on my contact page and I will put you in touch with her via email!


  3. Do you have any recommendations now that you have experienced that ? It’s hard to know what place is good for training in life coaching. Any suggestions?

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    • It’s definitely hard to know what’s good, especially when all the websites and promotion look so polished and promising! My sister Lyndsey did her life coach program through iPEC. She said it was amazing, and from everything she told me, I couldn’t believe it. Lots of hands on training and actual coaching practice with NO scripts. While I was in HCI, she and I would coach one another for practice, and I was blown away with her level of skill compared to mine. As her sister, I could actually tell that she was almost a changed person after she went through the program…ha! I know that sounds kind of weird, but she seemed to have gotten a lot out of it. Anyway, that’s the only other program I know about in any kind of depth. I have talked to a few IIN grads and have heard mixed reviews, so I can’t say much one way or another about that program….it sounds very similar to what HCI is though. Hope that helps! xo

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    • Hi Elizabeth! I’m Lyndsey, Ashley’s sister. I’m a March 2017 graduate of iPEC and like Ash said I can’t speak highly enough about the program! It is one of the very few ICF accredited coaching programs that is all inclusive and whose primary component is in-person training modules. It is extremely well thought out and they take you through the entire process of being coached, and coaching others.
      There’s so much to say about the program and I’d be more than happy to chat to you and anyone else about it if you are interested in pursuing coaching. I know during my decision making process there was no way I was going to go out into the world and confidently call myself a Life Coach without the best possible training I could find haha! Just message Ashley (she provided a link at the end of the post) and she’ll get us in touch with each other!

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  4. Thank you for this review Ash! I was in the November 2015 program and I’m STILL bitter about the $5k I spent. I posted a negative review on the BBB site and got bullied into removing it. When I finished HCI I felt like I hadn’t learned 1/100th of what I needed to to coach so I spent another $4k on another program that DID give me the nutrition background and tools I needed to make a difference. I still cannot believe that all of pillar 2 was devoted to learning a script!! This definitely has me thinking of doing a review on my site as well.

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    • Thanks for your comment! And oh goodness, I am so sorry to hear you had a similar experience. What other program did you do? Would you recommend it? Are you working as a coach now? I’d love to hear about your experience and transition! I get a lot of questions here about what a good alternative would be, but since HCI is all that I have done, I can’t give an honest recommendation. Thanks again!


  5. Ha! You summed it up pretty good! I enjoyed it at first even though I have been vegetarian for 20 years and wasn’t really learning anything. I am trying to get through the horrible life coaching section which is so disappointing. At least I didn’t waste my time at HCI live! I met a cool person that I did most of the SL with and she signed up for mastery, so she accused me of being negative. I just don’t think it was worth the money. It did help me focus on making changes in my life so I am going to choose not to think about the $5000 I spent! Where do you live Ash? What do you do for a living? I guess I am not even going to try launching a health coaching biz, it just seems so out of reach! Thank you! Your book lists are great, I have read many of them!

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    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment 🙂 So you made it through the whole health coach part and are now doing the life coach part? I never finished the life coaching… felt too disillusioned by all their bullshit haha. Hopefully there are at least occasional nuggets in there, as there are with most things! I live in the SF Bay Area and am actually currently recovering from a really bad car accident, so my working life has been put on pause. Taking time to reflect and eventually figure out my next step… trying not to stress about not having all the answers right now!


  6. Thank you for your honesty! I was considering taking the course, but have put it off for over a year, because I just wasn’t sure. After reading your review I know that it is not what I want to put my time and energy into. I do want to help others become healthier and live a life that they find joy in, however, I don’t think this is the realm that will best suit me.

    Thank you again!

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  7. Thank you for your honest review! I wish I’d run into you in Dallas…. I was in BHC July ‘17 and signed up for the “Mastery” program during HCI Live. It was a torturous decision but I wanted to believe the hype (even as my Spidey-senses tingled like mad) and that I was just being cynical. It was a huge financial risk which turned out to be an enormous mistake. I tried to withdraw about 5 weeks after sign up but they refused. They then threatened to turn me over to collections and followed up with a condescending email about “what it means to be an adult and take responsibility for my decisions”. Strong words from a group of self proclaimed “Heart Warriors”🤮.
    I was passionate about health coaching before getting involved with HCI. Now I’m embarrassed to tell anyone I’m a Coach.

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    • Hey Sadie! Oh no–the mastery program!! I’m so sorry! I cannot believe they lectured you on being an adult. Barf is right. I wish we’d run into each other too–although I was out of there pretty fast lol! I spent the day at the art museum next door haha. Totally worth it.


  8. Hi Ash, I wish I had seen your post several months ago. I am in the program and you validated what I was thinking about the PowerPoint overload and general “common sense” advice I am getting. I also don’t find value in the labs. I’ve done one “success” call and had my 10 minutes, while the other two students took up the rest of the time and dominated the conversation, with no facilitation by the so-called “success coach”. I’m going to finish because I’ve paid for it, but thanks for the great guidance on not being suckered in to the master cert program. Thanks for all the helpful links and recs!

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    • Hi Beth, oh goodness, I’m glad you found this post before getting suckered into the master program too! Sorry your experience is so similar to mine… :-/ seems to be a common experience! Good luck as you finish the program.


  9. Ive been making on time payments for 9 months but ive had issues and time is running out before a year will be up. Is there any way to cancel and not be liable for the whole program?

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    • Hi Blanca,
      That is a good question. I would contact HCI directly to ask them what your options are. My understanding is that after your initial 30 days, you owe the full amount. I don’t know if they make any exceptions though. Good luck! Wish I could be more helpful…


  10. I am so very glad I read your review. I have been thinking about this program for about 2 months and have researched every angle. Something held me back and I’m really thankful I did. You saved me 5K. Thank you for helping me make a decision on this. And I appreciate all your reading recommendations. Will definitely check them out.

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    • Thanks for your comment Patti! I’m so happy to hear you found my review before committing to the program. I hope you find as much value in the book recommendations! Best of luck xoxo


  11. Thank you so much for your time and thorough honesty! You did not have to share but you graciously did and were very generous and fair! ❤️👏 I would like to know if after all you’ve learned there is a life coaching certification program you would recommend, if you don’t mind sharing! Thank You again and in advance for all of your help May God Bless You!

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    • Hi Alisha- thanks for your comment! I am glad you found my review helpful. My sister did a life coaching program through IPEC. She said it was life-changing and she highly recommends it. I cannot personally say much about it, other than I noticed a major shift in my sister after she finished the program. She has coached me a few times, and I am blown away by her methods compared to what HCI taught. That’s my best advice! Hope it helps xo


    • Hi Alisha! I’m Lyndsey – Ashley’s sister 🙂 As she mentioned, I went through the iPEC Life Coach Training program and absolutely LOVED it. Ash and I had so many conversations about the differences in HCI and iPEC as she was going through HCI and we even decided to do weekly coaching practice calls to support each other and I was shocked to say the least of the lack of coaching skills being taught at HCI. I often tell people that even if I never got a single client after going through iPEC, it was worth every penny! It is extremely hands-on, with constant coaching practice and feedback so that by the time you graduate you feel more than prepared to be an amazing coach and start your own business! If you or anyone else is still interested in a life coaching certification program I’d be more than happy to chat with you about my experience with iPEC.

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        • Hi Deborah! It honestly was the best money I’ve ever spent investing in myself. I personally got so much out of it! I did my in-person modules in Austin (but I live in Lafayette, Louisiana..but it was the closest one to me!). You do 3 3-day intensive modules in addition to phone coaching and live online/phone classes. The entire program was $9,500ish, give or take. There are some discounts available for completing early registration/advanced standing coursework. Feel free to send Ash a private message via this blog and she can connect us if you’d like to chat over the phone or email and I can help you as best I can with more information 🙂

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  12. Why can we not share this article! So powerful. As a former employee of HCI, I want the world to know how fake this program is!!! I gave up my entire career to come to this company that promised unicorns and rainbows. And I got charcoal.

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  13. Hi Ash,
    Im so very happy I found this too, ( actually my husband found it. Was very skeptical about HCI so we investigated and that’s how we found you I definitely know I want to be a health coach it’s just I want to go down the right path so thank you so very much for all the great information that you have given us very much appreciated and I would love it if we could get in touch with each other and just get some more details from you of being a health coach. Again thank you so much for your input save me from spending a lot of money that would have been unnecessary. I look forward to talking with you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment. Thank goodness you found this review, right? Gosh, I wish I had something like this to help me before shelling over my money. Oh well, here we are! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions 😀


    • Hi Laura! I’m Lyndsey, Ashley’s sister. Ashley asked me to check out the comments on here as I myself am a CPC and went through iPEC and cannot recommend it enough. Congratulations on taking the first steps towards becoming a health coach and doing your research! I’ve commented on a few other posts on here but I just wanted to join the conversation and say there are some fantastic coaching training programs available, and I would love to chat with anyone who is interested in becoming a Certified Professional Coach about my experience with iPEC if that interests you or would be helpful. I don’t have a blog or anything like that but if you message Ashley privately though this page she can get us in contact 😊 Best of luck!!

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  14. This review was amazing and so incredibly thorough! I have all the Amazon tabs open and I plan on reviewing your suggestions right after I type this review. I’m a newish vegetarian (with plans to go vegan) so I’m also going to check out your eCornell recommendation.

    They do a great job at making their website and marketing materials seem so inviting and from the surface it looks like they have a great curriculum. This post is eye-opening and has probably saved a ton of people the hassle and cost of this program.

    As a research, facts-based individual (WHY WOULD YOU NOT BE?? lol) I’m so surprised at much woo-woo, pseudo-science they push.

    Again – thank you so much for posting! Bonus, I love your writing voice and general vibes. You got a new subscriber out of me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Natalie! I’m glad you found it! And thanks for following this blog. It’s random and sporadic since it’s a personal blog, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless 😀


  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this honest review. As a vegan and food science based nerd, I was not only concerned about food aspects with no validity but also the sales pichy, scripted feeling I felt in my numerous webinars that always seemed to be the same 3 people. I have however considered the eCornell certificate but at the same time, it seem relatively useless if not being combined with a degree in some type of health field and it not being accredited. May I ask what direction you decided to go instead of health coaching? I was a personal trainer for years, but its incredibly hard to make a decent living that way too. Highest Regards, Bret

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Bret (or is it Wyatt??)! Thanks for your comment. I’m so happy to hear you found my review before making the expensive plunge into the world of HCI! As for completing the eCornell certificate, my only question would be what do you plan to do with all your certifications? Do you want to be a vegan coach? If that’s the case, I don’t think you need a coaching cert…. just read some books and study. Nobody is stopping you from declaring yourself a coach! As for myself, after health coaching for about a year, I went to work for Geico for about 5 months as an auto damage adjuster. The benefits and pay were great, but the corporate culture killed me… now I’m back in the world of yoga! Can’t seem to stay away 😀


  16. Hi Ash,
    Thank you so much for your honest review. I am a Mastered prepared Registered Nurse with an emphasis on education and community health. I feel “called” if you will to work 1:1 with people struggling with health and wellness. I too want real science along with evidence based practice and research; real data! You have saved me $$. I am wondering if there is a reputable program out there and if so, could you recommend one? Thanks so much!


    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey Doris- so glad this review helped you! If you read through the comments, several others have mentioned other programs. I cannot personally attest to any other programs, as HCI is the only health coaching program I have done. I do know the authors of Co-Active Coaching have a program that is supposed to be excellent, although it is more expensive and I do not personally know much about it. Hope that helps!


    • Hi Doris! I’m Ashley’s sister and a Certified Professional Coach. I went through iPEC and absolutely LOVED it. I’ve responded a bit more in depth to other comments on here after Ashley suggested I reach out as I can offer a viewpoint on a fantastic coach program vs her unfortunate experience with HCI. I’d love to chat to anyone who may be interested in pursuing coaching or iPEC so feel free to get in touch 😊

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  17. Hi Ash!
    Like many others on this feed, I am grateful that I stumbled upon your review! For the recommended alternative options alone, I could bake you a cake every day for the rest of my days (healthy cakes, of course :-))!! Thank you for saving me money I don’t have for a program that I hoped would help me chase my dream. It seems this one may have only chased me away from the field instead. After finally figuring out what I want to do with my career and empower people to live their best lives, I do NOT want to invest in a sub-par program that is just going to leave me disappointed and regretful. I can’t wait to explore all the recommendations from you and the others who commented as well! Excited to read your review on the eCornell plant-based program since that is the niche I am most passionate about. I am hopeful that my passion for this lifestyle and the health benefits of it will enable me to be the best health coach in my area!
    Thanks again. Truly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment; I’m glad you find my review so helpful! Comments like yours totally make my day. I can tell you have the right energy for this work and will find the right program for you!


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