Cops, cryonics, and tiny homes

The bed is unmade and it’s after 9AM. All 3 cats are cuddling in the middle where the fuzzy blanket is, so that’s my excuse. I’ve been up for 3 hours. I applied for 3 jobs on and then spent the rest of the time looking at pictures of married people with multiple kids from high school, most of them nurses. Why did everyone become a nurse? I could never be a nurse. The best part about being a nurse has to be that uniform. Those look comfy as fuck and you never have to think about clothes. But you also have to touch people and work under fluorescent lights. How do all these people do it?

My friend Rachael is a cop. I texted her this morning what she thought about it, as in would I enjoy it or be good at it? She believes in me. She thinks I’d be great, but that maybe I should take a ride along first. Why had that not occurred to me? A ride along sounds fun! I’ll include that on my list of things to do in a week or so if the idea still sounds appealing. One of the best things about being a cop has to be that uniform. I really just don’t want to think about clothes.

In middle school, I petitioned the school board to mandate school uniforms because that’s how much I hate thinking about clothes. I created a speech complete with statistics on school performance and economic considerations for parents. I practiced it with my parents, presented it to all my teachers during a lunch period, and then made an appointment to speak at a school board meeting. The idea was tabled and I continued wearing L.L. Bean and whatever Fred Meyer sold until I graduated.

I start my MBA next week. I keep forgetting about it. Given the total lack of direction I currently have, it’s unclear whether this degree will really help me. Cops don’t need MBAs. Neither do Cheese Specialists. But perhaps it will serve a purpose later. Can’t hurt, so it’s still on my list of things to do this year.

Last night I watched videos on YouTube about people who live in tiny houses. Tyler doesn’t want to live in a tiny house because he wants a big kitchen and lots of space to entertain. And a wine room. I agree, but also I want to live in a tiny house anyway. There’s something about alternative living and existing on the fringes of society that appeals to me. It’s probably more the idea of living in a tiny house that I like. The reality would probably suck.

As much as I love minimalism, I also like space to breathe and a full-size dishwasher. I’ve lived in a place without a dishwasher and I’m not sure which is worse: no dishwasher or no washing machine? When I envision my life in the future, it is not filled with me washing things. My future life includes things like cats who shit outside and motion sensor lighting. We’re a few good decades into the 21st century. Let’s live like it.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation gives tours of their cryonics facility every Tuesday. This might be the year I finally visit Arizona and book a tour. I also recently learned that they accept life insurance as a form of payment for their services. Is it too early to take out a policy? You’d think all this idle time would quench my need for additional time in life, but nope. I’m too curious. Tyler and I joke that instead of “until death do us part,” we got married “until freeze do us part.” He’s on board with this plan, which is something I looked for in a partner. I’m not emotionally prepared to wake up in the year 2800 alone.


Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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