I needed this win

I got a hit!

Geico wants me! I applied for a few positions at Geico and today I received official confirmation that I passed their preliminary personality tests, aptitude tests, and first phone interview for an Auto Damage Adjuster position. There’s a 9-week out of town training and holy cow I am so excited. Is it too early to get excited?

What excites me most about this position, besides the fact that everyone in their promo videos is wearing matching polos, which could only mean I get to finally have a work uniform and never think about clothes again, is that I’ll be working for a huge corporation with lots of room to move up and around. This could be a career game changer for me. This is exactly what I need.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate everything I just said.

Ah, isn’t this nice?



Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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