Why blog and not just journal?

Because I want to.

But I am toying around with the idea of making this blog slightly more focused, or at least to have some kind of recurring type of post (like a recipe every Sunday, except that’s not going to happen because that’s way too much work). But that kind of thing.

I tend to write about whateverthefuck, usually somehow focused on my immediate situation because I find that most therapeutic, but maybe a different approach would be both more productive for myself and more interesting for the reader. Not sure yet on this though, as the only reason I currently blog is because I like to write. I have absolutely no other driving factor.

So. Ideas. This cannot turn into a food or health blog, or anything of the sort. I don’t have enough passionate energy to maintain that kind of thing. I have tried many times and failed. Plus, I find those kinds of blogs repetitive. And exhausting. And overdone.

But perhaps I could start chronicling just one thing. I’m always working toward some goal or project. For example, this year I am reading 50 books, and so far I’ve read 11 (yay!). So I could write about books. But no. I don’t like reviewing things just for the sake of it, especially books, which by the time I’ve finished them and could offer a review, I question how that’s helpful, let alone fun to write. Given the mediocrity I’d produce, it’d just be more Internet noise. Even rating them on a 1-5 star scale is too much work.

Anyway. Pondering why I blog, and how besides the medium, the only difference between a journal and a personal blog like this is the audience. Why do I prefer blogging to journaling? What is it about the audience that is important, and how might I factor that into the type of posts I share?

I think my favorite part about blogging, besides the part where I release through writing, is when I connect with someone who comments or shares how my post spoke to them on some level. It’s really fun to connect in that way. It feels like honest connection since there is no transaction. It’s just two random people on the Internet saying “yes! I get you!” for a brief moment.

It’s these kinds of personal random blogs about whateverthefuck that I enjoy following the most, too. Anybody can write about food or nutrition or yoga, but only you can write about you.

I think that’s why I blog.


Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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