What kinds of problems do you enjoy solving?

Wednesday was the halfway point of GEICO Auto Damage Adjuster training. I’ve been away from home for exactly one month tomorrow. It feels like forever and nothing at the same time. I miss my husband and my cats and waking up after 3:30AM. The days don’t end here; they blend together. But I love it because I know it will end.

I still have occasional moments of disbelief. I know so goddamn much about cars! It is absolutely unbelievable how much I suddenly know about a subject I have actively avoided my whole life. I once sold a car instead of getting the oil changed because the whole process seemed too foreign to handle. Cars are so far removed from my reality that I question whether I’m actually absorbing anything. Am I systematically deleting all this new knowledge every day and when this training ends I’ll be back to trying to figure out where the damn windshield wiper switch is on my own car?

Last year when I was trying to figure out my shit, I wrote about why I’m over following my passion. Going into the car insurance industry is an excellent example of not doing what I love and never working a day in my life. I still don’t particularly care about cars, but the funny thing is that the job itself doesn’t require an actual interest in the subject. It requires an interest in the process.

That’s what I’m finding most interesting about this entire experience. I love details and being methodical and maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. And that’s exactly what auto damage adjusting is about. It’s about looking at a problem and coming up with the most cost-effective and complete way to solve it. So going back to thinking about passion, the question we should really be asking ourselves is what kinds of problems do we enjoy solving? I feel like that’s where our Answer is.


Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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