I am having a really hard time waking up early. During job training, I’d be in bed by 7pm because I’m a sleep Nazi, but I also woke at 3:30am with ease every morning. Sleeping in until after 5am was a treat. Under no circumstances could I even lounge around until 6am. Now I struggle to make it into bed before 9pm or peel myself out of my warm cocoon before 5:30am. I suppose that’s still pretty early, now that I look at those times written down. Why am I complaining? Going to bed at 9 and waking up at 5:30 is within the realm of acceptable. What the fuck did I expect of myself? See, this is why I blog about this stuff. Reality check.

Working full time while doing my MBA online is not impossible, or really that difficult, but it does require creative time management and willpower. That is why I am trying to wake up at the asscrack of dawn: to do my MBA homework before work. The idea is that I get home from work, usually more exhausted from the SF Bay Area commute than from work itself, and then have zero obligation to do anything productive whatsoever. I also want to have free weekends. So far that plan is failing. Every day this week I’ve hit snooze and spent at least two hours on homework after work. Thankfully, the homework is relevant to my interests, but it’s still homework. All I really want to do is go in the hot tub with my Kindle or make holiday-themed cat beads with Sculpey clay (I have this uncharacteristic goal of festivity, expressed solely through holiday-themed cat earrings.).

Anyway, it’s finally Friday and the majority of the working northern hemisphere is in celebration. And today I woke up just early enough to finish my MBA to-do list before the weekend, but just late enough to feel kind of rushed. I should be getting dressed and making my lunch instead of blogging. But procrastination is a terrible disease.



Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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