Yoga pants are The Answer

In the Venn diagram of work and home, my work uniform is the only thing in the middle. This week I fixed that. Now there is nothing in the middle.

I wear a boxy GEICO-embroidered polo with almost-tight khakis for work. Wearing that kind of outfit puts me in a mildly stressed, productivity-focused, drone-like mentality. Perfect for what I do. I have zero qualms about my work attire (or my job!), except that I think it’s the reason I haven’t been practicing yoga after work.

When I get home, I don’t want to feel mildly stressed, productive, or like a drone. I want to feel feminine and free and relaxed and like my best self. When I get home from work at 3:30PM, I want the feeling of a fresh start for the second half of my day. That’s why I’ve implemented a mandatory shower and outfit change the moment I get home. And it’s working.

One of the reasons I found a real job this year is that I am sick of working for myself. Working for yourself necessitates that your personal and professional lives blend. After years of that ambiguous line between work and pleasure, I finally decided to reclaim my time and compartmentalize. Work stays at work. And with my current job, it’s easy to emotionally detach and completely check out the second I clock out. But my clothes are really getting in the way of achieving optimum compartmentalization.

Compartmentalizing allows me to fully enjoy work for work and home life for home life. My current top personal priority, besides my 2018 reading goal, is to develop and maintain a strong daily yoga practice. Since beginning my practice in 2013, I’ve struggled to stay consistent when not at a studio. Given my current location and (lack of) proximity to a decent heated yoga studio, a home practice is the only feasible option. I find it a real struggle to follow through with this goal. Until now.

It turns out that the secret to a regular home yoga practice is changing what I wear. What I wear informs how I feel. How I feel informs what I do with my time. If I’m wearing my work uniform, my brain is primed for the feelings associated with work. If I’m wearing my Frumpasaurus Rex pajamas, I feel like a crazy cat lady who probably also ate too many cupcakes. But If I wear yoga clothes? I feel feminine, free and relaxed. Even though I don’t get on my mat until a few hours before bed, changing into yoga clothes after work primes me for yoga.

I figured this out the day after I grumbled about drinking beer and blogging instead of practicing (last post). After a few days of testing this theory–not long enough for statistically significant results, but long enough to announce it successful nonetheless–I’ve come to the conclusion that yoga pants actually are The Answer. You’re welcome. I think we can all rejoice in these fortunate findings.



Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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