66 days and counting

Did you know you can get a concussion without even hitting your head? That’s what my Functional Neurologist Dr. Chiu–author of Brain Save— told me today during my consultation when I learned I most likely have Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). My persistent brain fog, headaches, and anxiety are all classic symptoms of PCS.

Sometimes when I drive, I suddenly freak out and question whether I am on the right side of the road. It feels like my brain is tripping over itself to remember things or recall words. It kind of feels like being just a little bit sleep deprived, all the time.

My head throbs as I type this. I keep describing how I feel as having the world’s longest hangover, coupled with chronic back and neck pain. It’s now been 66 days of this shit, but I guess at least I’m not working at fucking Geico. Thankfully, Dr. Chiu is confident I’ll recover with his plan. I can’t wait to get started. Despite my PTSD and anxiety, thankfully I’m not showing any signs of depression. I have tremendous hope. I’m wired for optimism.

To pass the time and keep my mind engaged, I’ve recently decided to study math at Kahn Academy. I always loved math and it’s my biggest regret that I didn’t study it in college. But instead of wallowing in regret, which I’ve been great at doing for the last decade, I’ve decided to take action. Just because I didn’t study it in college doesn’t mean I can’t learn it now. Kahn Academy offers courses up to Linear Algebra, so I guess that’s where I’ll stop? Hopefully, my brain can handle it. Otherwise, I’ll have to go back to watching my cats sleep on the patio, binge-drinking bland herbal tea out of boredom, and blogging about absolutely nothing.

I guess that’s not so bad, either.


Wife, yogi, and cat mama living in the SF Bay Area.

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