Mat Quality

With only 1,000 mats ever produced, wouldn’t it make sense for FlowMats to stand out as the best? Here are the 6 reasons yogis love their FlowMats yoga mats so much.

Non-Slip Surface

FlowMats yoga mats are non-slip and mega-grippy. You’ll never slip in downward dog again. Or in warrior 2. Or in any other pose. As an avid hot yogi myself (I first found yoga through Bikram in 2013), I had to make sure that my mats could hold their ground in a sweaty class.

Extra long

FlowMats are extra long and wide (71″ x 26″), to give you more space for your practice. That much grippy surface will leave you wondering how you ever put up with anything less.

Asana Assistance

The signature SunFlow yoga mat helps you learn sun salutations A and B and even provides proper breathing cues. Practice anywhere with confidence. Yoga is all about breath, so inhales and exhales are represented by filled-in and empty poses, respectively.


Sweaty hands? Sweaty feet? Bring it. FlowMats yoga mats are made to absorb all the sweat you can drip on them. In fact, they get grippier the more you sweat. This is something I find extra helpful while practicing long holds or rigorous flows.

No Polyvinyl Chloride

Say goodbye to carcinogenic pollutants and toxins found in standard yoga mats. FlowMats yoga mats are made with non-toxic 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber. I think that’s pretty cool, right! These mats are recyclable, too.

Ergonomic Cushion

Extra support and comfort where it counts. An optimal 5mm of natural rubber cushion means your body will thank you during and after your practice. Oh, and did I mention FlowMats yoga mats are also reversible? Bonus!