6 Reasons Yogis Prefer FlowMats

  • No polyvinyl chloride: Say goodbye to carcinogenic pollutants and toxins found in standard yoga mats. We make our mats with non-toxic 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber.
  • Ergonomic cushion: Extra support and comfort where it counts. Our mats give 5mm of natural rubber cushion means your body will thank you during and after your practice.
  • Sweat-free: Sweaty hands? Sweaty feet? Bring it. FlowMats yoga mats are made to absorb all the sweat you can drip on them. In fact, they get grippier the more you sweat.
  • Asana Assistance: Our signature SunFlow yoga mat helps you learn sun salutations A and B, and even provides proper breathing cues. Practice anywhere with confidence.
  • Extra long: FlowMats are extra long, to give you more space for your practice. 71″ of grippy surface will leave you wondering how you ever put up with anything less.
  • Non-slip surface: FlowMats yoga mats are non-slip and mega-grippy. You’ll never slip in downward dog again. Or in warrior 2. Or in any other pose.


SunFlow (5mm) | FreeFlow (5mm) | TravelFlow (2.5mm) | Mat Bag