Amazing Shit I’m Manifesting Before 30

My 30th birthday is October 1, 2018.

  1. I wrote a book and fucking published it!
  2. I’m on track to finish my UoPeople MBA by early 2019!
  3. I sold all FlowMats yoga mats and bags and funded the school!
  4. I can do 100 pushups in a goddamn row!
  5. I meditate every morning!
  6. I am employed as a part-time health coach!
  7. I built the ultimate capsule wardrobe that is practical, comfortable and makes me feel pro!
  8. I Konmaried all my shit and now I feel free!
  9. I balanced my hormones and normalized my period!
  10. I own real fucking pajamas and I only wear them to bed!
  11. I drive a car (or a scooter!) I actually like!
  12. I always answer when Dad calls, but I don’t get caught up in his bullshit or let him control me!
  13. I know my friends’ birthdays and I call them on it!
  14. I can hold a 5-minute plank ’cause I’m a boss!
  15. I call Grandma Rayesie every month to see what’s good!
  16. I get a massage every month, like clockwork!
  17. I don’t waste time on social media!
  18. I write at least one sentence every day!
  19. I took dance classes with Tyler!
  20. I keep a gratitude journal and I add to it daily!
  21. I wear real clothes when not in yoga– I even shave my legs!
  22. I belong to a book club with really amazing and like-minded people!
  23. I belong to and regularly attend a local writing group!