How to prioritize your goals to maximize results

First of all, I don’t have the answer to this impossible question. How DO you prioritize your goals to maximize results? It seems you’d have to test quite a few theories, while also using a control group, to really get to the heart of that issue. And you can’t use all the different methods on the same person if you want to test them doing the same list of things. You need new groups for each test, and each group needs to be statistically large enough to matter. Otherwise, people would get better and better at doing stuff, and each subsequent testing method would be tainted. See the huge problem here? How can you ever know for certain what is most effective? Who would fund this kind of research anyway? Not me. Helping people be more efficient at accomplishing meaningful goals is bad for sales. And what works for Joe might not work for Enrique. Or me, Ashley, which is

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