Spicy African Peanut Stew (V, GF, Oil-free)

Hello, my little MUNCHkins! This is my all-time favorite soup/stew. I’ve made it several times over the years, and consulted a handful of recipes to use as guides in developing my own version. As always, this recipe makes a lot–about 20 servings! I made this for The Celeybutmunchery (my meal prep delivery service) and carnivores and herbivores alike loved it! Like most recipes, especially soups or stews, don’t be afraid to play around with the ingredients! Cooking is an art. There’s no right or wrong. You really can’t go wrong when you’re throwing a bunch of good stuff together. Taste or make substitutions as you go, adjusting as you see fit. I see nearly all recipes as guidelines from which to draw inspiration, not absolute rules… unless you’re baking, in which case that’s more of a science than an art. To really amp up the flavor, texture, and overall appeal, serve over Japonica black or wild rice. It’ll blow your

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Homemade Curry Powder

If you cook with curry powder a lot or enjoy Indian or Thai flavors, it’s worth it to make your own curry powder. I’ve always bought the generic stuff in the spice aisle of the regular grocery store, but not anymore! Think of this recipe as a starting point. There is no right or wrong way to make curry. Curry literally means “sauce,” so you can’t really go wrong. Play around with what flavors you prefer and you’re bound to come out with something great. I happen to cook a lot of Indian food (Vegan Richa is my favorite!), so I always have jars of whole spices ready for the mixin’! Cumin is one of my favorites, as is fenugreek (which happens to be the base for most curry powders at the store!). When I ran out of my normal curry powder this week, I figured that instead of buying more at the store, I’d just blend my own. This

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Tangy Lemon Tahini Dressing

This is possibly my new favorite salad dressing. I drizzle it all over my vegan Buddha Bowls too! The ratio is 1:1:1 for the acid: water: tahini. This ratio is important to maintain because it gives it a nice tang that complements any bitter vegetables or greens you are dressing. TANGY LEMON TAHINI DRESSING Mix all the following in your blender. This recipe makes 4 cups! 1 cup Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (I like Bragg) 1 1/4 cup filtered water 1 1/4 cup organic tahini 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1 T cumin 2 t pink Himalayan salt (or other salt of choice) 1/2 t cayenne Store in a glass jar and enjoy! This never lasts long enough to go bad, so I do not know how long it keeps. However, all the individual ingredients last quite a while and vinegar acts as a preservative, so I imagine it could stay good for a

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Ultimate slow cooker steel cut oats (V, GF)

Not really a breakfast person? That’s about to change. This steel cut oatmeal will make you wanna munch when you wake up! If you prepare an entire week’s worth of this stuff on Sunday night, you’ll have it every morning M-F. It’s loaded with protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. No added oils, sugar, dairy or processed nut milks. Just pure whole foods. Below is the single-serving recipe, which can be adapted and multiplied by however many servings you need to make at once. I usually make enough for 5 servings (1 per weekday). It heats up well in the microwave. SINGLE SERVING RECIPE: Toss all of the following into your slow cooker. Cook on low 5-7 hours or until done (you can’t really screw this up, just check on it and stir it occasionally). For best results, make lots! 1/4 cup steel cut oats 2 cups filtered water 1/8 cup raisins (optional, this is your “sweetener”) 2 Tbs chia seeds

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