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I founded FlowMats in 2015 while backpacking through Southeast Asia. 100% of net proceeds go directly to the nonprofit mission.FlowMats Flyer


SunFlow (5mm) | FreeFlow (5mm) | TravelFlow (2.5mm) | Mat Bag

Why build schools in India?
Where are FlowMats mats and bags sold?
What is your dedication to ethical business practices?

Yogis ❤ FlowMats!

“Best yoga mat not the market. The grip is unbeatable.”

Jared W.

“Finally, a bag big enough for my oversized natural rubber mat! I appreciate the zippered pockets too – just right for my keys, wallet, and phone. The canvas and stitching seem durable. This seems like a bag that will age gracefully :)”

Devin D.

”I purchased the mat directly from the seller, and I could not be happier with my purchase. The mat is thick and sturdy and has excellent grip for even the sweatiest practice. And the little embossed yogis teaching you the sun salute as you go is a bonus. And I helped build a school in […]


“Thick enough for great cushion on the knees and sticky enough to keep me from sliding even during a sweaty practice. Love the poses printed on the mat, great motivation to practice on my own at home.”

Amazon Customer

“I am a picky person when it comes to yoga mats, but I LOVE my FlowMats mat! The mint green colour is amazing and the mat is sticky as can be and has just enough cushioning to make it comfy while still letting you feel the floor. I’d recommend this mat to anyone who enjoys […]

Amazon Customer

“The bag fit my mat perfectly!! My newest mat in a bit thicker so I wasn’t sure how well it would slide in, but there is plenty of room. The bag is well made. Very sturdy and protected my mat while traveling. The whale is also super adorable.”

Stephanie P

“Love this bag. Holds whichever mat I choose to workout with.”

Amazon Customer

“Bought this yoga bag for my boyfriend and he loves it! Sturdy and stylish with a pouch that easily fits phone, wallet, and keys.”

Jordy M.

“Love my me mat! It’s a little heavy but that’s ok.”


“This is an incredible mat! I adore the embossed sun salutations and the grip is amazing! The grip truly gets better as you get sweatier. Finally. A mat I don’t slip on! I definitely recommend this mat. Solidly made.”

Jared O.

“This is the BEST YOGA MAT! I have been practicing on cheap mats for so long that I didn’t know what I was missing. Gone are the days of me sliding while in Downward Dog and hot-style Triangle! Even better is knowing that a part of the proceeds benefits such a great cause. I recommend […]

Sabrina R.

“Good bag. Exactly what I was looking for.”


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