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FlowMats is a not-for-profit that sells high-performance yoga mats and bags. I founded FlowMats in 2015 while backpacking through SouthEast Asia (full story here). 100% of net proceeds go toward building a school in northern India to help educate children out of generational poverty. Donate directly to the mission and see fundraising progress here.

SunFlow (5mm mat)

FreeFlow (5mm mat)

TravelFlow (2.5mm mat)

Yoga Mat Bag

Yogis ❤ FlowMats!

“Best yoga mat not the market. The grip is unbeatable.”

Jared W.

“Thick enough for great cushion on the knees and sticky enough to keep me from sliding even during a sweaty practice. Love the poses printed on the mat, great motivation to practice on my own at home.”

Amazon Customer

“Good bag. Exactly what I was looking for.”


“LOVE IT!! This is my mat for home (have the travel one too). Love the stickiness and thickness of this mat. I never lose my grip.”

Bekah O.

“I love my Flowmats yoga mat!! It’s just the right thickness to be easy on my knees without being too squishy. I love the stickiness of the mat, and the extra length is great too! The soft green color is just beautiful! And it’s wonderful knowing my purchase is working toward a good cause.”

Amazon Customer

“I have never invested in a quality yoga mat. I usually just get the dispatching at Wal-Mart. I had no idea what I was missing. Doing yoga on a non slip mat makes all the difference in the world. Not only that, but it’s super cushy and heavy duty. That being said, I would definitely … Continue reading Rachel D.

Rachel D.

Why Build Schools in India?

Pre-pubescent girls in India are often coerced or sold into prostitution before they even learn to read. More than 90% of girls whose mothers work in the profession follow the same path. India’s traditional caste system makes it difficult for young girls to understand that given a proper education, they could have a choice. According to Half The Sky Movement, more than 89% of prostitutes in India report wanting to escape, with up to 95% reporting cases of physical assault and abuse.

To supplement the family income, it is not uncommon in India for families to take their children out of school and force them to beg or work in some capacity. This is why many families say they cannot afford to send their children to school. But current education statistics force us to ask: can they afford not to?

According to the Indian District Information System for Education, the national dropout rate of elementary school children in India is over 40%. In rural areas, it is often worse. Less than half the population living in rural India can read at a basic level. Among girls, those numbers are even higher. Education and literacy have direct and real impacts on a child’s chances of reaching his or her full potential. Lack of education perpetuates the cycle of generational poverty.

Less than half of primary schools have an electricity connection. Less than 10% of elementary schools have access to computers, and less than 25% have access to libraries. There is a real need to provide proper educational environments for India’s growing child population to succeed.

6 Reasons Yogis Prefer FlowMats

  1. No polyvinyl chloride: Say goodbye to carcinogenic pollutants and toxins found in standard yoga mats. We make our mats with non-toxic 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber.
  2. Ergonomic cushion: Extra support and comfort where it counts. Our mats give 5mm of natural rubber cushion means your body will thank you during and after your practice.
  3. Sweat-free: Sweaty hands? Sweaty feet? Bring it. FlowMats yoga mats are made to absorb all the sweat you can drip on them. In fact, they get grippier the more you sweat.
  4. Asana Assistance: Our signature SunFlow yoga mat helps you learn sun salutations A and B, and even provides proper breathing cues. Practice anywhere with confidence.
  5. Extra long: FlowMats are extra long, to give you more space for your practice. 71″ of grippy surface will leave you wondering how you ever put up with anything less.
  6. Non-slip surface: FlowMats yoga mats are non-slip and mega-grippy. You’ll never slip in downward dog again. Or in warrior 2. Or in any other pose.

Where are FlowMats mats and bags sold?

Since launching in January 2016, FlowMats has shipped to 6 continents, dozens of countries, and hundreds of cities worldwide. Due to increased shipping costs, we can no longer ship worldwide. Below is the sales progress map, updated daily. Every red pin represents at least 1 sale in the respective city, with many pins representing multiple sales. I am filled with gratitude to every single one of you who is helping make this project possible. Thank you!

My Dedication to 100% Ethical Business Practices

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: All FlowMats yoga mats are made from 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber. No PVCs or harmful toxins are used. This keeps us safe on our mats and lessens the impact on the environment.
  • Small Business Values: FlowMats is a small operation, based out of my home in Sacramento, California. I personally manage promotion and marketing, emails, and all customer questions and feedback on the Amazon store.
  • Responsible Product Sourcing: FlowMats yoga mats are imported from overseas but manufactured at a safe and certified ethical factory. There is absolutely no child or unsafe labor. This increases production costs but guarantees an ethically made product. I looked for a manufacturer in the USA, but could not find one who would take on my small-scale operation at a reasonable cost.
  • Triple Bottom Line: Every decision considers the social, environmental, and financial impact. I am totally focused on achieving my overarching global mission of childhood education, operating an ecologically sustainable practice, and generating enough profit to self-sustain the business. I do not personally profit from FlowMats. This is what you could call my passion project.

SunFlow (5mm mat)

FreeFlow (5mm mat)

TravelFlow (2.5mm mat)

Yoga Mat Bag