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  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Mega grippy non-slip surface (no yoga towel required!)
  • Antimicrobial surface helps keep mold and fungus at bay
  • 100% biodegradable and PVC free, no toxins
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Reversible, practice on either side!
  • Foldable
  • 2.5 mm | 71″ x 26″ | 3.3 lb
  • Comes with free yoga mat bag
  • 100% of net profits are donated to the nonprofit mission.

The TravelFlow is the grippiest travel mat around, guaranteed. The TravelFlow is the lighter version of FreeFlow. It’s light enough to fold and carry through airports, but at 2.5mm, it’s substantial enough to stand on its own. The non-slip surface gets grippier as you get sweatier! It is designed for pilates, home yoga, traveling, and hot yoga alike. If you’re like me and have sweaty hands and feet, you’re going to love this mat.

Every yoga mat purchase includes free UPS ground shipping to anywhere in the USA and 1 free yoga mat bag. I personally pack and ship every purchase with ❤ from my home in Hayward, CA.

TravelFlow Yoga Mat- Periwinkle Purple


TravelFlow Yoga Mat- Soft Pink


TravelFlow Yoga Mat- Classic Black


*SOLD OUT of TravelFlow in Mint Green

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“Best mat I’ve ever had! Grippy no matter how much I sweat; also very grippy on the floor side – sticks and doesn’t move at all during my practice (not in carpets tho); beautiful and useful sun salutation guidance and color! (I have in it Periwinkle Purple!) Absolutely worth the money invested – AND over […]

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Amazon Customer

“Love my me mat! It’s a little heavy but that’s ok.”

Read More Brook

“Love this mat. Has trouble with slipping on old mat especially since my hands would get very sweaty. Love the color and the fact that Flow Mats gives money for schools in India.”

Read More Yvonne R.
Yvonne R.

“This is an incredible mat! I adore the embossed sun salutations and the grip is amazing! The grip truly gets better as you get sweatier. Finally. A mat I don’t slip on! I definitely recommend this mat. Solidly made.”

Read More Jared O.
Jared O.

“I have their regular flow mat and although it’s amazing, it’s way too big to carry around regularly. I bought this travel one and I love it!! The reason I love these mats is that you do not slip around! I’ve tried a couple other brands, I purchased a skid towel, etc. NOTHING holds a […]

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Amazon Customer

“This is definitely the grippiest yoga mat I’ve ever used, which is saying something because I sweat like a man lol! It’s lightweight for traveling but still feels like a mat you could use every day. I love the flowmats nonprofit mission of building a school in India, so it’s good to know it’s money […]

Read More Becky A.
Becky A.

“I am extremely pleased with the high quality of my FlowMat. As I am relatively new to yoga, I appreciate that it stays in one place and allows my feet to grip which gives me stability in a pose. It is thicker than typical mats which provides extra comfort when I am on my knees […]

Read More Barbara M.
Barbara M.

“I have never invested in a quality yoga mat. I usually just get the dispatching at Wal-Mart. I had no idea what I was missing. Doing yoga on a non slip mat makes all the difference in the world. Not only that, but it’s super cushy and heavy duty. That being said, I would definitely […]

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Rachel D.

”I purchased the mat directly from the seller, and I could not be happier with my purchase. The mat is thick and sturdy and has excellent grip for even the sweatiest practice. And the little embossed yogis teaching you the sun salute as you go is a bonus. And I helped build a school in […]


“Best ever yoga mat!! I am a sweaty Betty myself and since I use this mat, I don’t slip anymore 🙂 Also as a traveling mat, it is thick enough to feel the support and thin enough to carry it with you anywhere. Highly recommended!”

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Amazon Customer