Business Philosophy

As the founder and sole employee of FlowMats, I dedicate myself to ethical business practices. When I set out to create a yoga mat company, I kept these four values in mind.

Me in Rishikesh, India (2016)

First, I use all eco-friendly materials. All FlowMats yoga mats are made from 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber. No PVCs or harmful toxins are used. This keeps us safe on our mats and lessens the impact on the environment.

Second, I uphold small business values. FlowMats is a small single-yogi operation, based out of my home in Hayward, California. I personally manage promotion and marketing, emails, shipping, and all customer questions.

Third, I practice responsible product sourcing. FlowMats yoga mats are imported from overseas but manufactured at a safe and certified ethical factory. There is absolutely no child or unsafe labor. This increases production costs but guarantees an ethically made product. I looked for a manufacturer in the USA, but could not find one who would take on my small-scale operation at a reasonable cost.

Fourth, I employ a triple bottom line accounting framework. Every decision considers the social, environmental, and financial impact. I am totally focused on achieving my overarching global mission of childhood education, operating an ecologically sustainable practice, and generating enough profit to self-sustain the business. I do not personally profit from FlowMats. This is what you could call my passion project.