French fry showdown: BK vs McD’s vs Carl’s

I once had a blind taste test party, where I served my guests a taste of every kind of apple at Fred Meyer, and then asked them to rate them best to worst. I then compiled the data and shared the results. From that experience, I can confidently assert that nobody likes Red Delicious. I can also confidently assert that I throw weird get-togethers.

But everyone loves french fries. Especially me.

So today, right around two in the afternoon, we ventured out into the world and finally conducted a fast food french fry taste test. We should have ordered a small at every establishment in order to test more, but I’m greedy for french fries and I thought I’d be able to eat more than 3 large french fries. For no reason other than they were conveniently located and we got full, we tested McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr.

Now, you might think this test is silly because McDonald’s unequivocally has the strongest fry game, but this weekend we tested that theory and proved it wrong. McDonald’s could learn a thing or two from Carl’s Jr. To start, the Carl’s Jr serving size is larger, which is always better because french fries really should be served bottomless. To continue, the CJ fry experience was just better. They melted in your mouth just a little bit more, felt just a little better cooked, and didn’t need as much salt.

On that note: can we all stop undersalting our french fries? 80% of our dietary sodium comes from packaged, processed foods, meaning that if you have high sodium intake, you’re eating a lot of packaged food. So if you don’t often eat packaged/processed food, you should pretty much never need to lower your sodium. But hopping on the fad and dietary drama, these fast food chains lowered the salt on their fries, the most visible and obvious place you find sodium: in actual salt form. I vote that when you go for a day of french fries, you should enjoy them with all the salt their perfectly fried selves deserve! All 3 of the fast food fries needed salt. Unacceptable.

Here are some pics, for your reference.



Carl’s Jr has the biggest size, the best texture, and the best overall taste.


You call this a large? Burger King fries are barely worth the calories. Barely. French fries are always worth it.


The McDonald’s game is strong, but these classic fries come in at #2 overall