Thrive Market Review: is it really worth it?

I finally tried Thrive Market this month. I’m a frugal person, so any opportunity to buy organic for less is an opportunity I’ll explore! Before we dive into individual products, let’s talk about what Thrive Market is. Thrive Market is an online organic grocery store, where they claim to sell items for up to 50% off. Shipping is free on orders of $49+, otherwise, it appears to be a flat $5.95 per order. You start with a free 30-day membership, and then after that, it costs $59.95 per year ($5/month) to be a member. This is similar to Costco’s model, where you pay annual membership dues for the privilege of shopping there. You can also get 25% off your first order here. This blog post explores whether Thrive Market is really the great discount grocery it claims to be. It would be tedious and not fun to analyze every single item at Thrive Market, but what I’ve done for you

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How to Conquer The 6 Basic Human Fears With Affirmation Tracing Journals

In Chapter 15 of Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich, How to Outwit The Six Ghosts of Fear, he outlines the six basic fears. According to Hill, all other fears can be grouped under the basic six. Take a close look at each of the symptoms listed under each fear and identify which fear(s) you most identify with. Fear of Poverty Symptoms include: indifference, willingness to tolerate whatever life may offer without protest, laziness, lack of initiative and imagination, letting others think for you, doubt, using excuses to explain or cover up failures, worry, neglect of personal appearance, over-caution and pessimism, lack of self-reliance, expecting poverty instead of demanding riches, and procrastination Fear of Criticism Symptoms include: self-consciousness and timidity when meeting strangers, nervousness, lack of poise, lack of charm and ability to make decisions or express opinions, inferiority complex, imitating others, extravagance, lack of initiative and confidence, lack of ambition, and mental and physical laziness Fear of Ill Health Symptoms

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Sober hangovers and living with PCS

I woke up with another hangover this morning, which is really disconcerting for someone who doesn’t drink. Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome (PCS) include: headache dizziness vertigo fatigue memory problems trouble concentrating sleeping problems insomnia restlessness irritability apathy depression anxiety personality changes sensitivity to noise and light I am experiencing everything in bold. At least I’m not apathetic and depressed. There is so much in life to look forward to and be grateful for. Like getting over this hump! And greeting the day when my cats will finally love me. The doctors say this will go away with time, but my functional neurologist talks about how symptoms can last years or even a lifetime. That thought terrifies me. I can’t imagine feeling like this forever. I don’t think that will be the case for me, but holy fuck, I can see how people choose to go the medication route and swallow away these symptoms. I feel like I’ve been on a

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66 days and counting

Did you know you can get a concussion without even hitting your head? That’s what my Functional Neurologist Dr. Chiu–author of Brain Save— told me today during my consultation when I learned I most likely have Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). My persistent brain fog, headaches, and anxiety are all classic symptoms of PCS. Sometimes when I drive, I suddenly freak out and question whether I am on the right side of the road. It feels like my brain is tripping over itself to remember things or recall words. It kind of feels like being just a little bit sleep deprived, all the time. My head throbs as I type this. I keep describing how I feel as having the world’s longest hangover, coupled with chronic back and neck pain. It’s now been 66 days of this shit, but I guess at least I’m not working at fucking Geico. Thankfully, Dr. Chiu is confident I’ll recover with his plan. I can’t wait

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Arhanta Yoga Ashrams 50-Hour Yin YTT: an honest review

I completed the online 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training from Arhanta Yoga Ashrams in September 2018. Arhanta Yoga Ashrams has physical locations in India and The Netherlands, but I completed the 50-hour Yin yoga teacher training through their online yoga academy. Their online program purports to be identical to their in-person training. Prior to this training, in 2016 I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in India, and I have been practicing yoga since 2013. I have experience teaching at studios and private settings. Yoga is my passion and I chose to complete the Arhanta Yoga training to further my yoga education and dive deeper into my personal Yin practice. I am also in the middle of developing a free DIY 300-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, so I thought this 50-hour training would be an excellent inspiration! And it was 🙂 . It also gives me the official title of “Certified Yin Yoga Teacher.” This is my honest and personal

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My favorite kitchen essentials

My husband and I–ok, maybe mostly me–are in a perpetual process of eliminating things we don’t need, especially in the kitchen, where we tend to accumulate appliances and gadgets. It feels like our apartment is a revolving door of Goodwill boxes and Craigslist ads; downsizing can be addicting. It’s taken some time, but we’ve finally gotten our kitchen down to (mostly) just the essentials. We still have a waffle iron for that occasional craving, and that pasta machine for the day we finally attempt to make gluten-free garbanzo pasta, but below are the things we use on a regular basis. I’ll update this post if/when things change, but here are our must-have kitchen essentials that have both stood the test of time and will not be seeing a secondhand owner any time soon! MY FAVORITE WATER FILTER We could not live without this! The Big Berkey Water Filter was my favorite splurge of 2017. After researching filters for hours, I concluded

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Body Wisdom

“Perfectionism: Having an extreme need for external order to cover internal chaos.” -Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom I love that definition of perfectionism because it highlights that suffering is the root of desire. That is, our internal chaos is the root of our need for external order. Or maybe Buddha is right and desire is the root of suffering. We’re all grappling with that elusive, deeper understanding of ourselves. Perfectionism is the crutch some of us–myself included–use to escape the internal chaos of being human. Perfectionism gives us an opportunity to feel the allusion of control by influencing and fixating on external circumstances. Among obsessively making our bed each morning, arranging my yoga props just so, and drinking exactly 3 cups of tea before I can feel like my day has begun, I also have a habit of Googling graduate programs I’ll never complete. I also have a habit of applying to them. I even took

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A lesson in stress management

“Struggles are the fertilizer for spiritual growth.“ -Joyce Rupp, from her excellent memoir, Walk in a Relaxed Manner: life lessons from the Camino After suddenly throwing up at the shop this morning–my 3-month anniversary at work–I decided to go home and take my first day off (unpaid, since I’m less than 6 months on the job and apparently 90 days isn’t enough to warrant paid sick leave). Since the middle of the first week of training, I’ve also been experiencing a moderate psoriatic response that is now growing in severity and taking over my eyebrows and entire scalp. It’s embarrassing. But stress has serious health consequences, some more visible (and itchy) than others. As the rash dominates my hairline and undermines my confidence, I’m forced to confront my (in)ability to manage chronic stress. Work presented the kind of frustrating issues this week that would normally inspire me to quit, the recent popular solution for many of my colleagues, and my personal

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How I learned entirely too much about tea: 3 books to get you started

I’ve been nerding out on tea for a while now. Sometime around January 2017–that classic time of year when I join millions of self-evaluating people around the world and consider various personal goals to pursue–I decided to more or less quit coffee and get into tea. I wanted to quit because I had a wicked afternoon slump. I also recalled hearing somewhere that tea is supposedly better for your health. To be clear: tea is not better than coffee, nor is coffee better than tea. In the last 17 months, I’ve learned a fine appreciation for both. While I do prefer tea or herbal blends on most days, coffee has its occasional warm place in my life. But today we’re here to appreciate all things tea! The first thing I do when I suddenly become interested in a new subject is buy a bunch of books and learn about it from all angles. Then I cherrypick the information I find most

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Yoga pants are The Answer

In the Venn diagram of work and home, my work uniform is the only thing in the middle. This week I fixed that. Now there is nothing in the middle. I wear a boxy GEICO-embroidered polo with almost-tight khakis for work. Wearing that kind of outfit puts me in a mildly stressed, productivity-focused, drone-like mentality. Perfect for what I do. I have zero qualms about my work attire (or my job!), except that I think it’s the reason I haven’t been practicing yoga after work. When I get home, I don’t want to feel mildly stressed, productive, or like a drone. I want to feel feminine and free and relaxed and like my best self. When I get home from work at 3:30PM, I want the feeling of a fresh start for the second half of my day. That’s why I’ve implemented a mandatory shower and outfit change the moment I get home. And it’s working. One of the reasons I

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