My favorite kitchen essentials

My husband and I–ok, maybe mostly me–are in a perpetual process of eliminating things we don’t need, especially in the kitchen, where we tend to accumulate appliances and gadgets. It feels like our apartment is a revolving door of Goodwill boxes and Craigslist ads; downsizing can be addicting. It’s taken some time, but we’ve finally gotten our kitchen down to (mostly) just the essentials. We still have a waffle iron for that occasional craving, and that pasta machine for the day we finally attempt to make gluten-free garbanzo pasta, but below are the things we use on a regular basis. I’ll update this post if/when things change, but here are our must-have kitchen essentials that have both stood the test of time and will not be seeing a secondhand owner any time soon! MY FAVORITE WATER FILTER We could not live without this! The Big Berkey Water Filter was my favorite splurge of 2017. After researching filters for hours, I concluded

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How I learned entirely too much about tea: 3 books to get you started

I’ve been nerding out on tea for a while now. Sometime around January 2017–that classic time of year when I join millions of self-evaluating people around the world and consider various personal goals to pursue–I decided to more or less quit coffee and get into tea. I wanted to quit because I had a wicked afternoon slump. I also recalled hearing somewhere that tea is supposedly better for your health. To be clear: tea is not better than coffee, nor is coffee better than tea. In the last 17 months, I’ve learned a fine appreciation for both. While I do prefer tea or herbal blends on most days, coffee has its occasional warm place in my life. But today we’re here to appreciate all things tea! The first thing I do when I suddenly become interested in a new subject is buy a bunch of books and learn about it from all angles. Then I cherrypick the information I find most

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